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What is Yasai?

Yasai is a simple archive imageviewer written in C++, using Qt and lib7zip.



  • Displays images, or images in archives.
  • Supports most common archive and image formats.
  • Side-by-side or single image viewing.
  • Side-by-side: Left-to-right or right-to-left reading.
  • Side-by-side: Detect and handle wide pages.
  • Page scrolling based on reading direction.
  • Page fitting and transformation.
  • Bookmarks.
  • Localisation support using Qt Linguist (No localisation files yet.)
  • Unicode support.

Changes in 1.0.5

Please download 1.0.5 again if you downloaded 1.0.5 before 6th April.

  • Performance and responsiveness improved.
  • Concurrent image operations
  • Various fixes, including a fix for file browsing sorting (6th April update).

A build of Yasai is currently only available for Windows.


Download Yasai from the purple download button on the right.
Extract the downloaded zip file into a directory of your choosing.
Run Yasai.exe.
Note that Yasai will save its settings into its own directory if a file named "portable" exists.
To have Yasai save settings into %APPDATA%, delete the file "portable".


To uninstall Yasai, delete the Yasai directory and if it exists, the Yasai directory in %APPDATA%.

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